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Now, why all these donation?
My name is Travis, i just love hiphop/rnb music and i want to share it to those music lovers out there who can’t afford to buy music from itunes/apple music. Since these great website, Viperial & Audiocastle was shutdown, i promise to cheer you guys up with this website, “iClacks2“, though the website is still new and it is similar to 9clacks2 which we’ve been warned to change our name, as at now we’re trying are best to do so quickly but there’s no fund/money as at now, like i said before, this website is still new, just 2months now, the ADS you are seein’ now have not started paying and we barely pay host bill. Please fan, what am trying to say is that, even $10 donation will be very helpful to us. We can be the best hiphop/rnb downloading website since viperial & audiocastle has been shut down if only we have your support. This website lacks updates (albums & singles) which i totally agree, but if i have the Tools today everything will be smooth for you guys. Let me tell you something, i blog with my mobile phone, not a Laptop, so you see how hard it is. Please, Please & Please support us by donating, we promise not to let you down, your donation also will help Travis to get a Laptop, settle down and give you a fresh hiphop/rnb singles & albums upto date (24/7). Please donate to us today and God will bless you. Thanks.

To donate, send us a mail: realtravismane@gmail.com or use the Contact Box.

Thank you and God bless.

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