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Leikeli47 – Wash & Set [iTunes + ZIP]

Leikeli47 - Wash & Set [iTunes + ZIP]
Leikeli47 drops a new LP, “Wash & Set.” We still don’t know much about Leikeli47. No one has any idea about her real name, or even what she looks like (due to the ski mask she rocks at all times). All we know is that she’s from New York makes some damn good music. And maybe that’s the best way to keep it.

Leikeli47 has released her debut album titled Wash & Set on RCA Records. The 14-track project shows how she can sing just as well as she can rap, and she can also come up with catchy lines and melodies. It’s the way she switches between all of these things, and various types of production, that sets her apart from others.

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