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Nolan The Ninja – Calisthenics Ft Royce Da 5’9″

Nolan The Ninja - Calisthenics Ft Royce Da 5'9
Detroit rapper Nolan The Ninja is prepping the release of his new album YEN for September 22nd, and it’s sounding solid so far off the back of “Modesty” and “14K.” After teaming up with Quelle Chris and Denmark Vessey last time around, he’s back today with his Royce Da 5’9″ collaboration “Calisthenics,” which Nolan produced himself. It’s straight bars, no hooks, with Nolan spitting his verse and Royce jumping straight in afterwards.

Thankfully, Nolan proves up for the challenge, and opens up the track with a dexterous and high-energy performance. “Went from being shit to motherfuckers knowing my name,” raps Nolan, at the onset of his minute-and-thirty-second long verse. Don’t expect any hooks on this sh*t. After he wraps up his soliloquy, he passes the mic to Royce, who is in full-on beast mode. The thing is, he makes it look effortless, as he barely shows any sign of exertion. The imagery he paints is brilliantly hilarious, and the way he strings together words and bends language is simply ridiculous. At this point, it’s just warm-ups for Royce, who has been keeping us waiting for that Book Of Ryan tape for too long now.

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