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Rittz – Indestructible

Rittz - Indestructible
After a brief hiatus, Rittz is back and releasing his next album, Last Call, on September 29th. His fourth album with Strange Music, following 2013’s The Life and Times of Jonny Valient and 2014’s Next to Nothing and last year’s Top Of The Line, the Gwinnett County resident continues to provide insight into his life. And today, he’s released the first single, “Indestructible.”

Produced by Seven, this new song also attaches itself to his dreamlike, more atmospheric approach to this laid-back jam. There’s a little bit of T-Pain influence can be heard in the echoing auto-tune effect and the glittering surface sheen that has been placed on this song, giving it more of a detached feel than perhaps some of Rittz’s earlier records. However, once the meat of the bass-driven beat kicks in, the song seems to change its attitude a bit, going from passive to active in a way, with Rittz spitting some pretty quick rhymes, impressing with the verbal dexterity that he puts on display. This section of the track is more in tune with what the Strange Music label is typically known for, growing from the influence of its owner, Tech N9ne. Maybe it could be more consistent in its approach, but one of the two distinct styles that are married together on this one song aren’t better or worse than the other – they’re just different, and compelling in their own way.

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