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The Roots – It Ain’t Fair Ft Bilal

The Roots - It Ain't Fair Ft Bilal
The Roots and Bilal have combined for a new song called “It Ain’t Fair,” which will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming film Detroit. Centered around the Algiers Hotel incident from the 1967 12th Street riot, the movie focuses on the history of racial tensions in America and the fire of that struggle is alive and well in this track.

“This song is the slow burning fire inside all of our souls,” Questlove told Rolling Stone. “[…] We wanted to hit many a bird with one stone: Humanize the pain, confusion and sadness. But also express the overdue anger. Not only to the powers that be but also to those on the sideline that can afford to turn the other way because it doesn’t effect them at the moment.”

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